The patient is the focus of our thoughts and actions.

  • The patient is the focus of our thoughts and actions.
  • We serve our patients in the field of dentistry with a high standard of care. We focus on prophylaxis and redefine healing. We strive for long-term, preventative collaboration with our patients.
  • We maintain our high level of care and will continue to improve it. In order to do this, we are ready to constantly face new challenges and to share our knowledge. Achieving our goals requires continuous and healthy growth with constant modernisation.
  • We offer a quality of service which makes us a market leader and which is unparalleled.
  • We focus exclusively on patient care. We consult experts in the respective fields to obtain the relevant expertise for any necessary supporting procedures.
  • We provide our employees with an atmosphere in which everyone can feel comfortable. This is the foundation of our success.
  • We provide a safe workplace and give all employees the chance to develop themselves personally.
  • We take environmental protection, the limited resources of our planet and our responsibility towards future generations seriously.
  • We embrace our social responsibility as dentists and employers.
  • We verify that our suppliers deliver the high quality that our patients expect from us. Only when this is ensured are we willing to enter into a long-term contract with a supplier.
  • We strive to ensure profitability that sustains our ability to innovate and allows us to realise our ideals as best as possible.