Patients with dental anxiety


Dental anxiety or severe dental phobia is rather common. When people avoid going to the dentist out of fear, their dental condition can often deteriorate rapidly. This is why it is very important to us to help you overcome these fears.

Identifying and resolving your fears

Many fears are buried subconsciously, as deep as the roots of a tooth. They are not always bad, and are often a defence mechanism against danger. If such fears get the upper hand, especially when they are unjustified, they can quickly turn into an excruciating, almost paralysing pain. Therefore, dental anxiety needs to be diagnosed and treated just like you would the inflamed roots of a tooth.

A relaxing atmosphere

Whether it's a smell, the sounds, or the white, clinical atmosphere inherent in many dental practices, all of these factors can heighten the anxiety of the patient. That is why Pluszahnärzte® creates an atmosphere that is nothing like that. The goal is to ensure that the patient feels comfortable, acclimatizes easily and awaits the treatment calmly. Amongst other things, this is facilitated by TVs mounted above the dentist's chair to provide a distraction.

Comprehensive information to assist in overcoming a mental block

Not only does the external appearance of the practice minimize anxiety and help the patient to relax, but so too does the dialogue with a trained practitioner. The practitioner does not only evaluate the condition and treatment needs of your teeth, but also carefully looks at the causes and effects of your anxiety. Your practitioner will help you overcome these fears by utilising specific communication skills. He will explain all treatment steps and will always be willing to address any questions you may have. That is why the treatment only begins when you're ready.

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