Treatment under anaesthesia

Anaesthesia at Pluszahnärzte®

The fear of pain often leads to people avoiding the necessary treatment. Thanks to anaesthesia, even patients with dental anxiety can now receive the necessary treatment. Our Pluszahnärzte® dentists will allay your fears and concerns and discuss the various anaesthesia options with you.

When is anaesthesia necessary? 

Anaesthesia is generally recommended for painful procedures. When a tooth needs to be extracted, root canal treatment needs to be done, or root end surgery is necessary, this usually takes place under local anaesthesia.   However, patients who do not wish to receive a local anaesthetic for a long surgical procedure may also choose other forms of anaesthesia.

What are my options for anaesthesia?

Our Pluszahnärzte® dentists offer you various anaesthesia options when oral surgery procedures need to be carried out. Various anaesthesia procedures such as local anaesthetic, twilight sleep and general anaesthesia are available, depending on the extent and seriousness of the operation, as well as the patient's personal pain threshold. Experienced anaesthesiologists will be happy to advise you about anaesthesia and monitor the related procedures.

  • Nitrous oxide 
  • Twilight sleep 
  • General anaesthesia