Pluszahnärzte® products and services

Pluszahnärzte® offers a comprehensive range of products and services in general and aesthetic dentistry, endodontics, orthodontics, paediatric dentistry, as well as in the areas of prophylaxis and prosthetics. Whether you desire whiter, straighter, more beautiful, or simply healthier teeth – our dentists are the perfect choice.

Our products and services – helping you improve your smile

Our dentists at Pluszahnärzte® are experienced specialists in a wide range of dentistry disciplines and can offer you everything from bleaching to root canal and corrective orthodontic treatments – whatever you need to improve your smile. Prophylactic measures such as professional teeth cleaning and bacterial and saliva tests for assessing your individual risk of developing caries and periodontitis are all part of our comprehensive range of services. At the same time our dentists also offer various anaesthetic options for treatment that is entirely stress and anxiety-free. For individual dental prosthetics our experienced Pluszahnärzte® team of dental technicians is on stand-by.